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I was taught in my school that we the homo-sapiens are evolved creatures. I was taught that our intelligence, our ability to contemplate, differentiate, our awareness about our own self, our conscious memory, the higher emotions and most importantly the values, ethics and morals are some of the qualities that differentiate us from the animals and makes us a better living creature.


But today when I observe this world, the humans and the incidents that are taking place, I stand in complete denial of all the knowledge that was imparted to me.I refuse to believe that these individuals who rape girls, boys and even animals are the same people about whom I studied were superior creatures. I refuse to believe that these individuals who bring religion as an excuse in such cases and find instances to support the rapist are the same people about whom I studied were superior creatures. I refuse to believe that these individuals who seek political benefit from such incidents and run propaganda for it are the same people about whom I studied were superior creatures. In all these thoughts of denial and refusals, I feel ashamed. I feel ashamed to be a part of the same surrounding in which these creatures reside.


I fear to realize that terms like empathy and even humanity is now just a myth. Cases of girls getting abducted and raped, cases of girls being killed because of atrocious mentality, cases of girls being tortured and teased have now became a daily news. But what makes it even worse is that news of such individuals being punished or imprisoned is still a distant dream. Similar to how these incidents makes me ashamed and frustrated; these incidents make me thoughtful as well. I wonder what goes inside the head of these individuals, I wonder how even the thought of doing such disgusting things comes in their mind and I wonder in a place where you and I live what goes wrong with these individuals. Despite spending a lot of time trying to unveil their mindset, I fail in all my attempts. But in these attempts to unveil their mindset there is something else I become thoughtful about. I wonder if these individuals are the only ones at fault?


In this world where humanity is getting extinct, there are a lot of people apart from the rapists and murderers who are making it difficult to live in this world. There are individuals who find pride in eve teasing and objectifying women and what is even more shameful is that a huge number of the people that exist today fall in this category. But when someone talks in a similar manner about their sisters, daughters, wife or mother they get agitated. So the problem for these individuals is not with the emotions or understanding the pain and agony that is attached with these situations but with the basic understanding of life and the understanding that the pain and agony is similar for every individual no matter he/she is your relative or not.  People are getting insane over bodies and sex, lust is diminishing every sense of right or wrong from individuals and for individuals women are mere objects of fun. We are meant to love people and use things but the reality is today we use people and love things.


All these incidents and observations make me ashamed and frustrated. I wonder how this world can be crafted into a better place to live. I wonder how we can induce the basic understanding of emotions and empathy among these individuals. I wonder how we can bring humanity back. I wonder when justice in all these incidents will take a real shape. There is a lot which I wish and wonder but I fail to find answers to any. I feel sorry for every girl who had suffered because of these individuals. I feel ashamed, frustrated yet helpless. I wish justice for everyone and I wish humanity prevails.




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