Emotions · life · motivation · Poem

Forbidden Smile

– Sudhanshu Joshi




When reality does not coincides your way,

When disappointment becomes a daily scream.

When your actions take a different turn,

Then all you can do is Wish and dream.


So, Here I stand firm and tall,

With a high head and a smile so small.

To express all that I have buried inside,

My wishes, my Dreams and all my pride.


I want to express all my feelings,

That have been there buried since ages.

My broken heart, My honest smile,

My expectations and those unturned pages.


Again a confused mind ,

Lost in this maze of emotions.

Fighting for the happiness of others,

But ending up with a negative notion.


Summarizing my life as a bag of sentiments,

Will do all the justification needed.

Those sleepless nights, those rally of thoughts,

Those hurt emotions and all that I pleaded.


I wish they were me,

Or I wish I was them.

As to Understand their thoughts,

Not all but maybe some.


Being me they would feel all that I felt,

My love, my expectations and all the latent griefs.

Being them I could understand,

Why they failed to know me in all their beliefs.


A pause, a break I beg for it now,

So that I can stand firmly again.

I want to resist myself from expressing,

Because all this will go in vain.


As always I failed to express,

Express all that is kept inside.

My feeling, my expectations and all my thoughts.

My acceptance is where they hide.


So, here I am with my smiling mask,

A lighting to pour with rain of bask.

Standing with my melancholy hidden,

And a smile that seem to be forbidden.



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