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Expectations: A Confusing Entity.


– Sudhanshu Joshi

I wonder why life is so confusing most of the times. You live with a certain mindset, certain thought procedure and certain feelings and that’s how you start living your life. That’s how these certain things start being your way of living or expressing. You live life and you come across a number of situations, some analogous to each other and some reflecting contrast. After this mixed set of situation in the basket of life what follows is a strong confusion for the kind of belief and principles you abide to. The answer to this confusion is often interpreted as being one of the “lessons of life”.

One such feeling that has created most of the conflicts and confusion in my mind is “Expectation”.  There are times when I think that expecting something is good but there are often times when expectations are the sole reason for disappointment and sadness. Where major share of my life has been a specimen yielding the conclusion of expectations being a hazard, there exist few observations from this specimen itself that contradict this to an extent which often leaves me doubtful.


What basically is expectation?

Google says, “Expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case.”


Now, with every entity follows two perceptions and so does with “Expectation”. When we try to look at expectations with an optimistic mindset what comes into sight is actually very pleasing. Each one of us has a vision for his future and a dream to be moulded into reality.  When we attach a set of expectation from our future with such an objective then it actually works very well. It channelizes us with an energy, an energy so unmatchable and a vibe, a vibe so appealing. Expectations help us in working for our aims with a greater focus and a determined mindset in order to make it true.


But, when we get a sight of the other face what actually appears tend to be a quite haunting scenario. When we affix a set of expectations to things we do, person we love, or with things we have, we end up setting those as a criteria for our happiness. What follows next is the dependency of our happiness on those expectations. When one of the expectations is fulfilled, rather than being happy for it you tag happiness with other higher set of expectations and this often leads to dissatisfaction all the time. Hence, happiness becoming an unachievable entity. You love something or someone madly and expect them to love you in a similar manner. But when reality doesn’t coincide with your expectations you feel bad. It is absolutely fair from the other person’s side to love you the same or not because they too exercise the right to make their own choices in life. People have their own set of priorities and they act accordingly which is absolutely fair. What makes the situation a bad scenario is your set of expectations.


In life expectation often lead to dissatisfaction and sadness. You will find happiness everywhere once you stop tagging expectations with everything. Any deed done without expectations, loving someone caring someone without wanting anything in return is something that would never make you sad. Rather it will fill you with an immense joy of self-satisfaction. Happiness comes from selfless actions. Learn to live a life filled with selfless actions rather than it being baggage of expectations.


What I conclude as a “lesson of life” from the experiences of mine is that there are situations where expecting things is a good approach to live but then there are situations that are really depressing that are generated as a result of such expectations.

We must learn to be selfless in our deeds and everything else will fall in place.


     What is your opinion on expectations? Shower your thoughts in the 
     comment box.

6 thoughts on “Expectations: A Confusing Entity.

  1. I could not agree more. What I really like is that you have written about both sides of the coin. Expectations as a driving force and also as a reason for disappointment. Great work!!
    Also, my favorite part was the conclusion, the world truly needs to learn some selfless deeds! I really appreciate that to have talked about it. 😇😇😇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice Work !! There are few errors in the second line. “starts” should be “start” and I think “expressing” should be “expression “.

    Liked by 1 person

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