A day with Mozilla Community

“Internet for people, not profit”, an ideology followed by an association which is well-known by every developer. MOZILLA, an open source community that believes in providing every individual the access to contribute towards the growth of internet. Mozilla has a widespread network of developers and enthusiast present all across the globe. One such group of enthusiasts, the AIT-Pune Mozilla community organized the Mozilla campus club meeting at Army Institute of Technology, Pune on 8th April initiated by our alumni, Abhijay Ghildiyal.


This session was witnessed by students from different colleges, our alumni Abhijay Ghildiyal and Shraddha Nayak along with two Mozilla representatives Prathamesh Chavan and  Aniket Deshpande. The excitement for this session was clearly visible on every face.

The event took its pace with Prathamesh Chavan taking over as the speaker. He started out in a very interesting manner with stories about how Open-Source and language such as C came into the main frame by the passionate efforts of developers. He portrayed the importance of Open-Source and told how Mozilla has been fighting to ensure that Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.


Next, we had Aniket Deshpande who in a very interactive manner continued the session by making us all sit in a circle around him. He explained what localization of content means and how much importance it holds in user engagement. He told about his contribution in localization of Web. It was exciting to know from him, how each one of us can be a part in this localization process through Mozilla’s  Pontoon. His explanation to each element was followed by best suited examples.


Aniket’s talk was followed up by a webinar on Rust Language by Vigneshwer Dhinakaran. Vigneshwer acquainted us with his knowledge on Rust and told how his passion for rust lead him to write a book on Rust “Rust Cookbook. He elucidated why rust system programming language came into picture and introduced us to the language. He made us familiar with the basic syntax of Rust and with the complex data structure. His vast knowledge on rust really helped us to know the basics of rust in an easy way.


After the webinar came Tushar Choudhary( 3rd year student) and Amit Singh( 1st year student). Tushar started with re-energizing all of us with a yes/no game and his witty ways. He then accelerated the session with his presentation on A-Frame. The topic and his ways really excited each one of us to know more about it. Framing your thoughts into web is no less than a miracle. He made us feel that the HTML we thought as a boring language has in store such great domains. Amit continued the presentation by exhibiting his project named Sasti-Masti completely based on A-Frame. It was amazing to see how a small code can bring such a visual impact.

Screenshot (164).png

This session was a great learning experience. All thanks to the passionate members of AIT-Pune Mozilla Community who made this event a huge success. As it is said that our knowledge increases by sharing and this is what Open-Source is all about and Mozilla is ensuring it really well. I am sure all of us after this session will be working enthusiastically to be a contributor.

Let us Learn to contribute and Contribute to learn.

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