Revival of the CHILD !


-Sudhanshu Joshi

Have you ever wished of getting your childhood back? How many such people have you met? What had made childhood so special and appealing? Have you ever wondered the WHY behind it?



‘That phase does not have any tensions or stress’ is something that many people would utter as an answer. ‘In that phase we were carefree and happy’ is something that others may say.  And there are a plenty of such congruent opinions that we might come across.

Let us try to recall this function named ‘childhood’ passing memories as an argument to it. Let us relive that immortal phase. Let us feel those innocent smiles for which our faces use to be the native place. Cherishing the breeze while sitting on a swing, mimicking the song that birds use to sing, playing hide and seek and playing in the sand, talking about the superheroes and our beloved magic wand. Speaking everything that passed by our mind, being carefree, being stubborn, being awesome of a kind.

The unmatched energy that we always carried, the superpowers that we wished to have, there was so much to cherish and enjoy which brings a smile when I look back now.

All of this use to keep us so “HAPPY”! Isn’t it? Then what has affected us so much, what has restricted us to be happy, happy in a similar manner that a child is?

Remember the time when u were hiding while playing hide and seek, what kind of thoughts you had in your mind at that moment, was it the school homework? Was it some of your family problems? Was it about what people will think of you if they see you playing? Was it your future? Or was it your past? The answer is certainly a big “NO”.

The only thing that your mind used to think at that moment was, have the other players been caught? Where might be the person who is searching them? In-between all of  this you found HAPPINESS.  You found yourself happy because you lived in those moments. You neither thought of past, nor your future. What made that moment special was living it to the fullest. {LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT} Let that child inside you, breath again! and make you happy.

Try recalling the time when we use to plan the wonders that we would have done if superpowers resided in us. That phase when supermen use to be our ideals, Ben10, batman, doraemon, Spider-man to sight a few. And now is the time when we hesitate even while setting our goals which are real. Things are not easy or hard. What makes it easy or hard is your interest in it. We somehow tend to lose before we start at various point of time. The prerequisites for achieving your goals are: Courage (dreaming without hesitating), Faith (having a firm belief in ourselves), Strength (the power of withstanding the difficult times), passion (loving your goals enough to seek lessons from every failure), Zeal (enthusiasm to work towards your goals). {DON’T HESITATE TO DREAM} Let that child inside you, breath again and make you happy.

Try recalling the time when you were not familiar of what ‘impossible’ is! Not literally but morally. Every child use to possess that default stubborn nature.  If something use to strike your mind and kind of attracted you, you use to try every possible effort in front of your parents to make your wish fulfilled. Why does this default nature of every child tend to fade away as he/she grows up? What happens now is that, you find something attractive you try working for it. But then as soon as it is pictured as something “very” difficult, you take no time in taking your steps back. What makes a person successful and the other person unsuccessful is only a set of these qualities that provide an edge to one over another: determination (teenage term for being stubborn), hard work (constantly doing what you love), confidence (enjoying what you do) and carefree nature (ignoring the way others want you to live). {BE STUBBORN} Let that child inside you, breath! and make you happy !

Try recalling the time when it rained and people around you ran trying to search for hideouts and you interestingly stayed there and enjoyed the clouds pouring. The situation was same to everyone, what differed was the way people reacted. Everyone is offered same kind of knowledge, experiences, and teachings in different forms. What makes one shine brighter than the others is the FLEXIBILITY that you have with your thoughts, it depends on how ready you are to take these experiences and how you mould these teachings. No doubt that we should stick to our principles of life, but what takes it to a level higher is accepting the faults in our perceptions and being flexible enough to mould our principles in a new way for a better life.{KEEP YOUR PRINCIPLES FLEXIBLE} Let that child inside you, breath again and make you happy.

Don’t confuse teenage with killing of the child inside you. Being a “Teenager” we tend to become insensible in an attempt of being “Mature”. Be a child from heart. Let that child inside you, breath again and make you happy.  After all, it’s a child’s play to be successful not that of a so-called “mature” person!



What are the childhood things that played an important role in your life? What do you cherish about your childhood? How would you define childhood?


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