Men is progressing ! but does he remember his creator ?


-by Sudhanshu Joshi

Who created everything, who created men..
God made everything, god is the one !

God made moon, god made sun.
God created life and so made men .
Men prayed to god , god blessed them.
Men made houses and lived in them.


Men discovered many things, men created history.
Men inventing lot of stuff, Men solving mystery.
Men researched many traces, Men searched many places.
Men invented art and then created faces !
Men came to know about galaxy, men discovered space.
Men invented rocket , that matched every pace.
Men discovered stars, men made satellite.
Men became rude , he began to fight.


Men indulged in quarrel, men indulged in battle.
Men used various bombs, men used different metal.
Everybody was terrified , some lost their life.
Some died by bullet, some died by knife.
Men rescued their children, men saved their wife.
Men saved everyone and sacrificed his life !
After some time everything settled.
As men left, men left having battle!


Men wanted to communicate, men was becoming better.
Men wrote many stories, men wrote many letter.
Men studied other planets , men studied its own.
Men made computer and then mobile phone.
Now came the internet, now came website.
Men experienced power, men was shinning bright!


Now came the end , just answer my friend!
Men created everything , but who created men?
Men is forgetting GOD, GOD had created them !!

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13 thoughts on “Men is progressing ! but does he remember his creator ?

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