God is the greatest inventor ! And we the humans, are blessed to be his greatest invention. God has made everyone different and unique in themselves.

Each and everyone should cherish that uniqueness! There are times when because of some particular incidence or situation we start hating ourselves ! This should not be the case, we should be best friend of oursleve and should talk and introspect ourselves !

We should love ourselves the way we are ! Not giving attention to what others think. We are not here to please anyone , we should be proud of ourselves the way we are and we will feel a great change!

When we start loving ourselve, things start becoming better ! Having faith in trust on ourselves gives us the power , power to achieve the impossible ! Power to pursue our dreams andย  Power to change the world !

Be unique ! Be you ! Love yourselves and things will become better ! ๐Ÿ™‚


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